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StJv sparkling interview

Exclusive interview! is proud to present the interview to StJv. Happy reading:

How and where did you meet?
We met in intensively narrowed interstellar space in nineties. Since then we are guarding the ambient of Milky Way galaxy against aggressive pop music. Very silently, from shadows and away from public eyes.

Who decided about you name?
StJv? It is a riddle and equation with variable results.

Do you have a leader in a band?
Hmmmm… It is an never-ending battle for leadership. Almost like Game of Thrones.

Tell us something about your musical background?
St: enjoying noise
Jv: deeply respecting the sound of water flow

Are you inspired by some famous bands?
They are guardians as we are, famous in a small circles. They are honorable fellow brothers Sight Below, Yellow Swans, Attilio Novellino, Duane Pitre, Ben Frost

What is contemporary music that you appreciate now?
Music that will awake sensation like a good bubble bath. Honestly, man… I will restrain myself to end every next question with: “bubble bath” Divine bubble bath.

Are you satisfied with a response of your audience?
This poll will help determine our satisfaction level:
A) Bubble bath, but no.
B) Sometimes, when they behave ladylike and gentlemanlike
C) Spoiled brats!

Which solution will you propose to improve the situation?
This poll will just help, but a lot:
A) More gigs in wormed up rooms, with video art that will project water flow in walls and on floor. Audience will feel like being in a mothers womb again, safe and worm. Everyone attending the event will get one umbilical cord as an instrument. Entrance will be free, but at exit you’ll have to pay to the man dressed in medical white. He will represent the doctor who will cut your umbilical cord and symbolically release you in the world. People arguing abut prize will be like children crying after birth.
B) More gigs, man. You feel me?
C) Let the big turtle of Galapagos celebrate her 125 birthday in Las Vegas as a marketing move for longevity of ambient music

Gene Simmons has recently declared: “The sad part is that the fans are the ones who are killing the thing they love” What do you think about music piracy?
A) C’mon lets be serious. Gene Simmons never liked us. Neither do we liked Kiss, ever. So why is Gene downloading our music? Tel us now, nicely, why? Dirty downloader!
B) He is in that 1% ruling the US
C) The longest tongue on Earth and possibly Milky way must be fed with spice from Arrakis

Are you excited when you play in front of many people?
A) Less people more excitement
B) Bubble bath
C) That is beyond us. We are the audio guardians in Milky Way galaxy

Do you have any anecdotes particularly significant?
A) Playing acoustic guitar in front of snails on a snail farm
B) Panks are throwing firecrackers at our hypnotized audience once
C) Playing in the empty swimming pool with audience, along with the mayor of town, laying around on yoga mats.
D) We survived 19th century turkish prison playing our way out

Future projects? Ambition commitment?
A) Following New Years resolution
B) European tour to start with world tour 2014/2015
C) Bubble bath

Behind this lines truth is hidden!


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  1. I am one of your fans, great tracks and sympathetic interview :)
    We tried to embellish as much as possible the interview. If you have any photos, images, etc. you can also enter an exclusive gallery.
    On behalf of everyone, I hope that this interview will bring you good luck, StJv you deserve it ;)

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