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Viability and safety zone

Why is it something so obvious always ready to put aside? I am wandering this usually when I think how underestimated potential for soundtrack ambient music  have. There is literary albums and albums of contemporary ambient, drone, glitch or minimal IDM that is so fit for some intimate or moody scenes in the back of some movie. I was so happy to see that credits for music in french TV series “Les Revenants” goes to Mogwai, scottish post rock musician. “Finally” I thought: “Someone realized”. The screenplayers of the series are obviously fans and they admitted that they spend time writing script while listening to Mogwai itself. It was appropriate even the musician was given just crude storyline to work with. And it worked.
Why is that the case? Why so much unappreciation? Ambient music may be considered artsy, almost hipster-like, where only the quasi-intellectuals and smart-ass wannabes attended the event in witch you usually sit on pillows and chairs without talking, faking contemplation. Like jazz that is not so good. And I am sad how wrong they are.
First of all, it is very employable for movie and television business. Why to employ just old fashion composers solely without musician that create that same kind of music, but for their passion not money?
Someone must see that and use the talents. It will be a shame, especially in this moment when there is so many fine live and recording artists.
But it is not only the financial viability. It is also the human need. We must let the music replace zen qualities of the prayer, in a more and more agnostic or atheistic social environment. If someone is not trustful  to organized religion give him the alternative without doctrine. It will be less stressful surrounding with more balanced individuals.
As a ambient musician, I dream about of network of places where you can listen this kind of music live and also recorded one during the day, where you can find your peace in some sort of little shrines of contemplation. We are living very fast. Places where we can slow down and chill should be all around the city. Some place where you can work in quiet in WIFI friendly area, where music behind you allow you to concentrate. Or those places can be little reading dens with soundscape session that will be perfect background for your favorite story. Or even the place for a power sleep in sleep pods where you can regain your strenght for the rest of the day with gentle drone rolling between your ears. There you can rest your competition spirit and let the exploding head syndrome from a stressful job ease a little bit.
During the night these safe heavens might become places where poets and writers wider our horizons with their zen images backed by live music. Let the poetry meet the ambient with slow beat never faster then your heartbeats.
Ringo Star, the Beatles drummer consisted on beat that is exactly doubled tempo of our heartbeats. That is one of the reasons why this music is so popular and attractive. Pop in a rhythm of your own body. Then there must be places where the beat is exactly synchronized with your hearts or going even slower, or no beat at all, making you search for that fine line where our pulse beat differently.
I’m having a great weekend of gigs and private jam sessions but I’m tired of seeing my friends all around Europe organize this kind of events unappreciated and unrecognized even they are doing it for their own sake and out of pure love.
We should share this with you, on screen and on events. Some of us really need musical contemplation in the safety zone.


Written by Marko Jevtić


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  1. It had been years since I’ve heard a lot of talk about Mogwai. I’m glad to know that you listen to artists of the highest quality. Interesting your proposal to move the religion faith in music. From the beginning I wanted to ask you if you want you can write an interview/review of the band “StJv” Again, if the StVj is your band (I understand that). Example: 10 questions with 10 answers. So we can give the group the right space it deserves. I really like your songs, keep it up ;)

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