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Preacher: Some limb-shaking-stomach-turning announces

I was shaking like a mixer full of nuts, some fifteen years ago and not from fear, out of adrenaline shock. And not once but several times. Why? I was reading Preacher comic book and I’m not joking. It is filled with violence, injustice and decadence with graphic imagery of Steve Dillon that will leave you mesmerized for some time until you recover. Story is placed in a South of United States where writer Garth Ennis is playing with all the stereotypes you might think of and going further. So you might, again, think something stereotypical is bad, or trashy, but it isn’t.  It is so good, and now I’m saying this thru whisper: so good that it is witchcraft. Especially fist few published years of this monthly issues. Brilliant.
Story ended in August 2000 but it left loud bunch of follower.
And why am I mentioning my and others fascination for Preacher? Because it is soon to be adapted for TV and I’m excited. Not because I’m fan. I’m wondering what will be the reaction of audience. This… this is an tsunami that will roll you, twist you, break your bones and slash your limbs with metal pieces.
I was reading Preacher in 2000 with a delay of five years since first issue was published in 1995 and read the entire series on my PC (later Mac) in a matter of few weeks. That was what I needed at the time and it is fun. It is not deep and complex. It is raw. You will get it all as it reveals and you will be stunned by revelations. Every time you will say: “No… they cant go any further”, but writers will go beyond further with exceptional vivid brutality of artist. It is clever how Preacher plays with your basic emotions, and introduce you characters so strong that you will remember up to the point of old age dementia. Then there is so many pop culture references that draw you into the story thru identification. That’s why Preacher is cult comic book.
Violence in Preacher is unimaginable for anyone who haven’t read it. And it is not banal, that how the storyline goes. And it is blasphemous on so many levels that I can already see angry mothers because of violence, angry Christians because of blasphemy and a legion of angry others because of all the rest. It is angry revolution how Preacher is treating religion. You will find you anger.
I’m not going to give you spoilers. Just wait and see.
That was the main reason why it isn’t adapted for television by now. Lot of the  directors and producers just give up. Now is the time. Audience is ready. You want more violence and the wild story that will not insult your intelligence? Something cool like Pulp Fiction was cool at his time? Now you gonna get it. Game of thrones and Sons of Anarchy in terms of violence are slumber parties compared to Preacher.
If this is going to be true, and we gonna see the same in moving images as in pages, I warn you, it is going to be limb-shaking-stomach-turning seasons.
If they do it right.
Now who is going to deliver this story? Cable channel AMC confirmed that they are developing the series with comic duo Seth Rogen and Evan Golberg and that is, I don’t know, interesting choice, but in a company of Breaking Bad writer Sam Catlin it just might be, parfait mélange.
Waiting… waiting… waiting…


Written by Marko Jevtić


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  1. I did not know this comic, thanks for talking about it.
    It reminds me the comic “Dylan Dog” by Sergio Bonelli.
    If you want you can do a review of “Preacher”, so we open the comics zone.
    I fixed the title ;)

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