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One charming bastard that will steal your heart

Seems that life of Sir Mick Jagger is still not loosing a swing. Notorious ladies man is still filling the gossip pages. Now this tragic suicide of his partner and fashion designer L’Wren Scott. Storm is still roaring. So, it’s no wonder he is not willing to write his memoirs like his band-mate Keith Richards. His life is far from slowing down and even in 70’s, he’s still setting an example for all generations how agile we should be. A lot of plans in Sir Jaggers life. Producing, collaborating, acting… That man surely see writing memoirs as an old men business. On the other hand Keith Richards is finding some peace. It is been reported recently that Keith, on the wings of his successful memoirs “Life”, is writing children’s book by the name “Gus & Me: The Story of My Granddad and My First Guitar” illustrated by his 28-years old daughter Theodora. We’ll see if it is going to meet the success of “Life”, a book that is worth reading carefully from page to page. Well, from my perspective, music was getting more exciting from the arrival of Bauhaus and early The Cure. From my, subjective point of view, music started from late 70’s /early 80’s with post-punk and gothic. Biography that I read before “Life” was “Bauhaus: Dark Entries”. Informational read for every fan, but it has not much of a value outside fandom. Then I started “Life” and, man, I was amazed, ‘cause this is some good literature. There is a story that publishers signed contract after reading only first ten pages of “Life” and, if you take this book in your hands, and I hope you do, you will quickly realize why. Book is written with assistance of  journalist James Fox, and when James is getting his writing near completion he read the scripts aloud to Keith who edited sentences by the sound of it. Just like songwriting. Words with rhythm and sentences that urge you to quote them. Groovy! When he is using slang or being vulgar it is nicely put and with measure. While you read this book you will encounter one genuinely sincere and decent human being even he is mischievous and wild. And free. Most importantly free. Keith follows his own codex. From tough childhood, relationship with his parents, early formations of Rolling Stones, his social comments about the differences between fans of country music, blues and early rock’n’roll, difficult relationships with women and Mick Jagger, heroin addiction, arrests and trials, losses and gains in personal life… you will find that nothing is hidden in this collection of versatile stories. Explanations of how some urban legends and gossips originated are particularly amusing. But, as a musician, I never read anything so identifiable with my love of music as this memoir masterpiece. In detail, but never too much detailed, so non-musician readers will not be bored, about equipment, chords formation, guitar tunings, collaboration with famous or exceptional musicians… I listened to Rolling Stones tracks and videos (even their music will never be my cup of tea) in order to understand better. Finally we have the opportunity to meet this icon in a different light that is in such disharmony with popular media image. And he is one charming bastard that will steal your heart. So, biography / auto-biography times. Now I am eager to read “Autobiography” of Morrissey (whom I like a lot) and hope Joni Mitchell will finish hers at last. Photo: Weidenfeld & Nicolson Ltd


Written by Marko Jevtić

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