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Hillary’s Alien Baby And 7 Other Out of This World Tabloid Tales

The Clintons’ long relationship with extraterrestrials ripped from the pages of the Weekly News.
UFO enthusiasts are hoping that a Hillary Clinton presidency would blow the lid off the government’s alien conspiracies. But the shocking truth about Hillary’s affinity for aliens is already out there in the pages of the Weekly News, the spoof tabloid best known for its tireless coverage of Bat Boy. Throughout the ’90s and early ’00s, the WWN documented alright, fabricated the Clintons’ political alliances and personal dalliances with extraterrestrials, including Hillary’s on-again, off-again boyfriend P’Lod.

Some highlights of the WWN‘s Clinton-alien exclusives:
Take me to your leader
In 1992, an unnamed alien passed over President George Bush and Ross Perot to endorse presidential candidate Bill Clinton, kicking off the Clintons’ tumultuous relationship with interplanetary visitors.

Quid pro UFO
Following Clinton’s election, the alien gave the president-elect a joy ride in his spacecraft, sparking speculation that he might be up for a position in the earthling’s administration.

Brother from another planet
In June 1993, the Clintons adopted the infant survivor of a UFO crash, whom they named John Stanley Clinton. An observer told the WWN, “He will almost certainly be educated and groomed for a life in public service.”


Written by Fox Mulder

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