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News.dracia.com is proud to present the interview to Gina Iacob. Enjoy the reading:

Let’s start from the beginning: How, when and where did you start?
I’ve been doing art since forever, I don’t really have any memories of me not being into art. Been painting and drawing ever since I was a kid (the first person I saw drawing was my mother, who kind of inspired me to want to draw as beautiful as she did.) She used to help me with my school little projects because she was very creative. So I started in the early childhood and kept drawing through the years. My technique suffered significant changes in the process.

Who decided the genre? How and why? Whose idea was it?
I think the genre was definitely decided by my dark little sneaky personality buried deep inside me. How and why, not such a tough question. I kept drawing and exploring techniques until I slowly and naturally started finding and redescovering myself through dark art, which, somehow, felt like finally coming home.

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