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Elongated nipples that hang or protrude more than the average nipple.
One example can be seen a the first locker room scene of the porno “Debbie Does Dallas,” on the cheerleader who is screwing the coach.

A nipple long enough to be a penis. Or simply a strange, nonexistant, birth defect.
Charles: My god, I’ve got dicknipples.
Peter: Might I suckle from yon teat?
Charles: Please.

A huge, thick nipple, usually longer than 1 inch in length.
Are you sure you can fit her huge DICK NIPPLES in your mouth?

Nipples that seem to have a head much like that of a circumsized penis.
Yeah, Michelle’s got those huge tits, but I heard she’s got the dicknipples.

An over sized nipple that is elongated and looks like a penis!
Hey Baby You Wanna Have Some Fun Tonight?
OOO Yeah, Get Your Dick Nipples Out
No Way I Ain’t Shitting Through Them Again! Source: urbandictionary


Written by Laura Rossi

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