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Are you down to fuck?

Down To Fuck
Slang term meaning that one is just willing to have sex. It’s like having a friend with benefits. Just make sure the participating members are clean and use as much birth control as possible.
Penny was a girl who was always “down to fuck”. We had so much fun together. I hope her birth control lasts!

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What is the meaning of “DTF”?
The meaning of “DTF” is:
down to fuck

What is the definition of “DTF”?
The definition of “DTF” is:

down to fuck
“DTF” means

down to fuck,
willing to have sex

Example Sentences:
A: You see that girl over there?
B: Yes.
A: She is DTF. You should go talk to her.
B: I just might.

The girl in the nightclub was DTF, so I went to talk to her. We had sex later that night! Via: urbandictionary, idiomeanings


Written by Laura Rossi

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