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Emperor 200 Workstation: all in one postazione multimediale

Volete sentirvi come un re quando lavorate o giocate al PC e non solo? Bene, ecco Emperor 1510 Workstation, una postazione multimediale pensata per chi passa tanto tempo davanti a uno o più schermi sia per lavoro che per divertimento.
Come potete vedere dalla foto si tratta di una postazione con sedia ergonomica e supporto fino a tre monitor con un braccio regolabile nell’angolazione.
La poltrona gode ovviamente di varie possibilità di regolazione e per il lato multimediale sfrutta un sistema 2.1 (con controlli volume integrati) Bose. Non mancano poi le porte USB e gli ingressi per un eventuale lettore MP3, 3 ingressi HDMI e una USB per la webcam.
Le configurazioni possibili sono diverse, da uno fino a tre monitor e con la possibilità di collegare sia il PC che console di gioco o lettori blu-ray. Il prezzo è di 6.400$, cifra alta ma le comodità si pagano!

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Emperor 1510, postazione di lavoro con computer integrato
Si presenta come una postazione di lavoro estremamente ergonomica, tanto da non temere confronti: si tratta della Emperor 1510, una “seduta” comoda e confortevole, con pc e accessori integrati.
Emperor 1510 include una tastiera regolabile, un comodo poggiapiedi, sistema audio, illuminazione a LED, ergonomici sostegni per le braccia e schermi posizionati all’altezza ideale per avere la postura migliore per il corpo.
Il design è avvolgente e nello stesso tempo quasi spaziale; il prezzo si aggira intorno ai 5.000 dollari.
Emperor 200 Luxury Computer Workstation
With a stunning design that resembles a scorpion’s tail, the Emperor 200 Luxury Computer Workstation epitomizes extravagance and has the price tag to match. The Emperor 200 isn’t just about a dazzling design; there are cool featured loaded into this computer workstation. There is an electric powered adjustable leather seat, for the ultimate in comfort and ergonomics. Three 24″ LED screen surround you, for an immersive gaming and multimedia experience that is completed with a premium sound system. It also offers light therapy and an air filtering system, and everything is controlled by a handy touch screen control center.

Hand built to your requirements, the Emperor 200 is the ultimate computer workstation with several exclusive features such as touch screen control center, air filtering system, light therapy, electric powered leather seat, 3 x 24 LED screens and a breathtaking sound… Be bold and unique…

Emperor 200 Luxury Computer Workstations are available at for $44,750 plus shipping. Although on first blush this may seem almost as exorbitant as the gold and diamond covered PCs reportedly owned by oil sheikhs, you can’t begrudge the 1% for wanting something this cool. I just may have to order one if I win the lottery someday. (I’ll have to put it in my lab, as I’ll get the incredible Octopus Chair for my office.)

Future Computer Workstation: Emperor 200
You might remember the awesome Emperor 1510 gaming station. That is available to purchase for what now looks like the bargain price of around $6,500, when compared to the companies flagship gaming station, the Emperor 200, which is priced at a $45,000.
The Emperor 200 gaming station sports three screens in a similar style to its cheaper brother the Emperor 1510, but on the Emperor 200 each 24″ inch screen support multi-touch and are motorised making it even easier for you to adjust them into the perfect position.
To provide maximum comfort the consoles leather chair is also motorised and features LED lighting and THX surround sound system. Together with an air filtration system designed for anyone that enjoys to smoke, and each one is hand built to your exact specifications. Unfortunately a PC is an optional extra or just simply supply your own Xbox 360 or PS3 to finish off this awesome gaming station.

Computer Station Three – Arcade Fun
We’ve all seen the arcade racing or space combat games and I pretty much believe this is the purpose of this design. The massive back part serves little purpose however unlike Computer Station Two, it looks as if the overhead screen mount adjusts. The spine reminds me of many designs I’ve seen in games so technically it’s far from the office concepts I’m discussing. The fact that it does have three screens made me display it because I currently use two. If I were to make an overhead screen mount much like the one in Computer Station Two it would be more worth doing for use with three screens. Computer Station Three has added the need to purchase a third screen and that I believe is something this design gets right.

Emperor 1510 LX: High Tech Computer Workstation
At first glance, it looks like a dentist chair or a battle cruiser’s control station, its called the Emperor 1510 LX. Its a high-tech comfortable workstation for your desktop PC.
Canadian-based MWE Lab created the futuristic computer station with futuristic amenities including a three monitor stand mounted on a retractable “scorpion tail,” a Bose sound system, reclining Italian leather chair, and rotating base. The Emperor 1510 LX comes with a hefty price tag about $21,500.

The Emperor 200… Luxury, Sophistication and Ergonomic Comfort without Compromise.
Hand built to your requirements, the Emperor 200 is the ultimate computer workstation with several exclusive features such as touch screen control center, air filtering system, light therapy, electric powered leather seat, up to 3 x 27″ LED screens and a breathtaking sound! Be bold and unique!

Emperor 1510 Computer Workstation
December 15th marks the official debut of the Emperor 1510 computer workstation which is a much more affordable model ($4,950) as compared to the Emperor 200 which ran at $40,000. The overall design of the Emperor 1510 remains the same and includes adjustable keyboard, seat, and leg rests, forward and backward tilting capabilities, LED overhead working lights, MAC and PC inputs/outputs, and ruged handmade steel frame. If you spend a lot of time at your computer like the publishers of Furniture Fashion, this may be a really accommodating way to relax and get your work done.

Emperor Workstation
A massive techno-womb designed to cradle you in ergonomic comfort, the Emperor workstation features three widescreen monitors: THX Dolby surround sound, air filtering, light therapy, a Web cam, battery back-up and many other things to help you fantasise about being a tyrannical army commander controlling a galaxy takeover.
Built to order with a desktop Mac or PC, as well as the biggest docking station ever for laptops, the Emperor also has a HEPA air purification system and a UPS that offers back-up power for up to 30 minutes.

The Emperor 200 Luxury Workstation
Ergonomic Workstation
The Emperor 200 Luxury Workstation features a stunning design that looks like a scorpion’s tail. But the Emperor 200 is not all about the stunningly features and incredibility; there are other cool featured loaded into the workstation that make this the one of the top 10 luxury workstation product to buy. There is an electric-powered adjustable leather seat, which provides you the ultimate in comfort and ergonomics. Three 24″ LED screen surround you, for an enhanced gaming and multimedia experience. It also offers light therapy and an air filtering system, and everything is fully controlled by a touch screen control center. We’ve come a long way with 21st century technology and hopefully all offices across North America and Europe will begin to utilize it.

This Is a Work Station Fit For an Emperor
This, as you might be able to tell, is no normal desk set-up. Designed to provide the ultimate in both comfort and productivity, we introduce to you the MWE Lab Emperor 1510 LX work station—and if you have to ask how much it costs, you probably can’t afford it.
The five-monitor display station swings down on a retractable “scorpion tail” to encompass the users with visual stimulation; an integrated Bose sound system caters for every aural whim. And the reclining Italian leather chair on its rotating base keeps your ass pampered all day long.
And while that may all provide the productivity boost you’re desperate for, it’ll but a dent in your bank balance, too. At an eye-watering $21,500 this thing really does live up to its name.

This US$21,000 future chair will increase productivity, bankrupt your company
We can see why this futuristic pod… chair… thing is called “The Emperor,” because there’s no way you wouldn’t feel like some powerful sci-fi movie villain hunting the rebels from your battle cruiser’s control station when sitting in it. But if you can actually keep your power fantasies from distracting you, this chair guarantees increased productivity and maximal office comfort.
Unfortunately, that productivity and comfort comes at the cost of most of your office space. Oh, and US$21,500. That’s almost on par with the cost of a trip to space.
Quebec City-based MWE Lab boasts that the appropriately sci-fi sounding Emperor 1510 LX comes replete with futuristic amenities including a five-monitor stand mounted on a retractable “scorpion tail,” a Bose sound system, reclining Italian leather chair, and rotating base.
MWE Lab is also throwing in a cup holder, because no matter how advanced we become, mankind will never find anywhere else to put their drinks.
Of course, all the comfort and bragging rights in the world is not enough to convince most people to drop 22 Gs on an office chair. Besides, even scarier than the cost is its faint resemblance to GlaDOS, the megalomaniac computer antagonist from the Portal games, and the idea that it would be pretty difficult to escape from – possibly on account of being just too damn comfortable – in case of fire or malfunction.
▼ It’s only a matter of time before we all turn into the humans from Pixar’s WALL·E
▼ Even this actual emperor wants an Emperor.

Seat of Power: the computer workstation for the person with everything
The $21,500 Emperor 1510 LX rotates, tilts, talks, and comes with a cupholder.
Science fiction is filled with cherished seats of power, workstations that put the universe a finger-touch or a mere thought away. Darth Vader had his meditation pod, the Engineers of Prometheus had their womb-like control stations, and Captain Kirk has the Captain’s Chair. But no real-life workstation has quite measured up to these fictional seats of power in the way that Martin Carpentier’s Emperor workstations have.
The latest “modern working environment” from Carpentier’s Quebec City-based MWE Lab is the Emperor 1510 LX. With a retractable monitor stand that can support up to five monitors (three 27-inch and two 19-inch), a reclining seat with thigh rest, a Bose sound system, and Italian leather upholstery, the Emperor 1510 LX looks more like a futuristic vehicle than a workstation. And it’s priced like a vehicle, too—it can soon be yours for the low, low price of $21,500.

Tale of the Scorpion
In 2006, Carpentier was slaving away as a web designer when he reached a breaking point. He was tired of his tangle of cables, the struggle to manage multiple monitors, and the horrible ergonomics that came with a standard computer desk. Inspired by the emperor scorpion, Carpentier modeled his workstation after its tail, with the monitors suspended at the stinger.
His first production design, the original model of the Emperor 200, was introduced in 2007 and originally priced at about $30,000. After some initial word-of-mouth success, he took the Emperor to CES in Las Vegas in 2009.
The Emperor 200 is finished with a glossy auto paint. It has a heated and cooled power-adjustable seat with an adjustable leg-rest and reclines up to 30 degrees. It pumps the workspace atmosphere through a HEPA air purifier, and is equipped with built-in audio and lighting—all controlled from an embedded Windows system via a 10-inch touch screen.
The Emperor 200 is the Maserati of computer desks, and it comes with a Maserati price tag: $49,150, before options like tempered glass side tables and a programmable rotating pedestal. But if you’re going to spend $50,000 on a workstation, you’d be a fool not to drop another $7,000 on a matching rotating pedestal so you can turn your desk to shield your monitors from the morning or late afternoon glare.
Equipped with adjustable height, recline and lumbar support, an adjustable overhead monitor support “tail,” and a seat heating and cooling “climate package,” the frame of the 200 is hand-built from PVC, aluminum and steel and comes in any color the customer wants. But its arrival on the market was ill-timed. “The 200 was nice, but it was expensive,” Carpentier said. “And if you remember, there was a financial crisis in 2009. So I went back to the drawing board and I designed the 1510.”
Introduced in 2010, the 1510 is a bit more utilitarian. It has a look more like a weapons system than a luxury car, with sand-textured powder paint (in “Carbon Black” and “Mac White”), an all-steel frame, and a microfiber covered seat. It lacks the 10-inch touch-screen control panel of the 200, substituting stainless steel switches for seat tilting, monitor arm control, and lighting. But it’s also nearly a tenth of the price of the 200, with an MSRP of $5995.
Business picked up for both models in 2010. Carpentier said that in the past three years, MWE Lab has sold “more than 200 workstations so far.” Five Emperor 200 workstations have been sold to the crown prince of Dubai. Emperor workstations have been put to use for simulation systems, video editing suites, and a host of other applications that require full immersion. Some have been purchased by Silicon Valley companies, but Google is not among them, Carpentier said—he claims they have opted for standing desks.

The happy medium
The relative success of the 1510 has led to the 1510 LX—what Carpentier calls “the best of both” of its predecessors, based on the engineering of the 1510 but with nearly all of the features of the 200. “It’s the high-end of luxury, but it’s less expensive than the 200,” Carpentier said.
The Emperor 1510 LX is roughly half the price of the 200 at $21,500 minus options, and it lacks some of the luxury touches—like the auto paint, which has been replaced with a powder finish. Its frame is made of steel instead of PVC and aluminum, so it’s heavier—but it gains the benefit of being able to support up to five monitors on its retracting scorpion-tail stand. And it comes with one thing you can’t get on the Emperor 200—a cupholder.
Like the less expensive 1510, the 1510 LX is made mostly of steel. Carpentier said that steel was required to keep the monitor-mount “tail” from vibrating. As a result, the 1510 LX, like the 1510, is no lightweight—in its most basic version, it weighs in at about 225 pounds, and adding a turning pedestal nearly doubles that.
Preorders have already begun for the 1510 LX and a few advance units have been shipped to customers around the world. For the most part, the company sells directly—Carpentier said MWE Lab has a sales representative in San Jose covering the US market, and the company is preparing to launch a web store. MWE Lab has also stuck a toe into the retail market—the 1510 is currently on sale at some Fry’s Electronics stores. “But it’s not for us,” Carpentier says of retail. “The product is too expensive for their market. Maybe we’ll introduce a new workstation with a better price. But for now our focus is on the 1510, LX, and 200.” Source: altadefinizione, designerblog, oddstuffmagazine, geekalerts, webtechglobal, q8allinone, mwelab, furniturestoreblog, safecomputingtips, cooltop10s, gizmodo, rocketnews24, arstechnica

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