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Elena Dostic is proud to present the interview with Elena Dostic. Enjoy the reading:

Let’s start from the beginning: How and where did you start?
At the age of 17, I was very asocial and I was not very interested. I did not care, but if something attracted me, it would quickly bother me.I was a cute little girl I still did not have Instagram so I watched my mother. She constantly watched beautiful girls with handsome bodies posing in front camera. That camera photoshoting has attracted me more and more, but I thought that I was not good enough for that’s, my body was not yet developed enough and I thought I would not have a body and a face enough good for camera. All girls were developed had nice bodies at that age But it turned out I was a little late. I was sad looking at them but soon I changed my body got a curves my face got shine. Soon I got the phone and started exploring modeling right now My mother wanted me to be a doctor, but it turned out that my stubbornness was win. Since I was an associate and that had to change.

What is your background?
As a little I had parents who were very busy so I did not get enough love I had a very good grandmother who kept me But I always miss parental worry. I had everything the child would want. But love faltered me.

With your genre what do you get closer to?
I’m still researching my genre but I have boundaries in my head.

Are you inspired by some famous models?
I found beauty in everyone. If I tell you that I found beauty in one gangster boy, then you will believe me.

Besides this do you anything else?
I know I’ll be a great wife and mother. I’m learning quick things that interest me.

Can you explain what it means to you to be photo model?
Being a Model or Artist is not as easy as they think. There are always different thoughts in the head. You must have more personalities in you. To someone it’s a game, someone’s art, someone’s business But in the end whoever works, it must have insanity in the head.

What is the relationship between you and the goal?
My goals are quite simple and possible. I want to be an excellent mother of the best wife, and I want a little career but always creating new goals always there are new thoughts about life. Everything changes in a moment.

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How would you define the shots with you as the protagonist?
I am a very fun and silly person. I make every photo shoot interesting. I am not as difficult as most models today… I am not the person who will seek the most expensive things to take pic and pacify on Instagram and then throw it away, and most of the models work like that today I know I appreciate the hard work and things.

What are the contemporary photos that you appreciate now?
Swimsuit catalog and video for make up.

Which solution could improve the current situation of the models?
To be happier more relaxed without nervousness and stress. Modelling can not be done if the model has problems in a heart or head (like a broken heart, family fights or a lose of money).

What are your favorite models?
I can not extract anyone. We all have defects and virtues, and we are all different.

What do the shots with you protagonist treat?
The arrangement builds the house, and the disagreement rushes (proverb).

What was your inspiration for shooting with you?
I love unreal things I love fabulous things and something would already be Made.

What is the favorite shooting with you?
I can only show it to you secretly it is not for the public but it’s perfect.

Do you like the artistic situation of your nation?
Yes, they are different, everyone is different and stand out for something. I do not like people who copy. Everyone is special in his own way.

Laying, shooting, creating… Since when have you been active?
Since I have been answering for half an hour I made a clip for the future husband two hours ago (Just kidding).

Are you satisfied with the public’s response to the shots with you as a protagonist?
If I tried more, it would be much better for sure but I’m satisfied.

Are you excited when you present the shots with you as a protagonist to so many people?
Of course it is very exciting and when someone say good things, I’ll be like More more more more. But I accept criticism too.

Your artistic path is interesting… Do you have any particularly significant anecdotes?
I am very positive crazy person with me always happen anecdotes. But always. One day One shot I nearly fell into the sea But dress is saved me because it tangled in the fence.

Future projects? Ambitious commitments?
Soon I’m making videos for some reps and soon I record my first song. I have plenty of plans.

Do you want to thank someone?
Yes to myself and god and wait My special person who is still with me, who showed me everything and taught me everything and made the right girl of me all thanks to him.


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