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A star was born: Nevena Hot

Exclusive interview! is proud to present the interview with Nevena Hot. Enjoy the reading:

Let’s start from the beginning: How and where did you start?
I am a photomodel from 12 years and about the singing… The music is in my blood! I started two years ago and i have big plans to be more bigger star, not only in Serbia…

Who decided the genre? Whose idea was it?
My first song will be born in August and I guarantee it will be a boom. I decide on all things, because I trust only myself.

What is your background?
Trust in loving yourself… And the success is guaranteed!

With your genre what do you get closer to?
At all men.

Are you inspired by some famous models?
As a singer definitely Rihanna and Beyonce. Gia Carangi as photomodel… She whas have something verry special inside.
After Gia Carangi, nobody!

Besides this do you anything else?
Before I was a porn actress, very good and famous. But I was stop me two years ago, for private things. That part of my life is behind me. Now my life is the singing!

Can you explain what it means to you to be a artist?
I have talent in different things… So, Im a singer and photomodel… And im verry good in acting… If some day I get good offer for good movie… Why not? Thats is my life, and im happy becouse God give me many talents. Im enjoying of my life!

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What is the relationship between you and the goal?
Reletionship to everyone in my life. This is my the biggest love. It’s strange i dont sleep with microphone… For now!?

What is the theme in the shots with you protagonist?
Knives, blood, bombs… Depends of my mood.

What is your favorite shooting with you as a protagonist?
My favorite shooting is in sadomaso costume. I whas do many different shots and videos. Some is like Marylin Monroe, some is totaly in dark style.

Do you like the artistic situation of your nation?
Yes, I like. But in my nation in this moment exist only two or three good artist. The best in Serbia is our old music… But that not exist anymore.

Are you satisfied with the public’s response to the performance artistic with you as a protagonist??
When about shots, yes. But singing, many people didn’t trust in me… But i have demonstrate i can sing and I sing very good. The public now is happy when im on stage.

Are you excited when you present the works with you as a protagonist at many people?
Definitely, the music is in my blood. I also talented for dancing… So when i sing and dance… Public is euphoric!

Future projects? Ambitious commitments?
My only ambition is to be more successful in the music. My fans give me a lot of love, and support… And for me… Thats is enough!

Do you want to thank someone?
I whant to thank’s only the people who didnt trust in me… Because without them, today probably my dreams they would not come true. They give me power to go forward… And thanks to my fans for support…. Because it is thanks to them if… I stay!
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