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Cunt Wars

Cunt Wars Review

Horny anime girls do battle with monstrous enemies in a deck building browser based free game. Play as Adam, a white haired horny hero with a scar along his face and a sword in his hand! He commands an army of sexy babes in various stages of undress. In his quest to get laid, a horrific league of monsters are out to spoil his fun. As the beasts make a stand against Adam, the hero calls forth his harem to go forth and battle. Archers stand proud and topless with their arrows ready to fly, while cat girl warriors with furry ears and their tails arched to show off their asses take the fight directly to the monsters, swinging deadly swords. That’s just a taste of the sensual warriors Adam can command, and as the game progresses more and more cards are unlocked, where new battle ready babes expose themselves, and add their talents to the warrior’s roster!

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Written by Laura Rossi

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