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Dummy cut

What’s dummy cut mean? This term appears a lot. I am assuming some garbage files are extracted from the original using tools. What exactly are removed? Thx.

Yep just dummy data. It’s used to increase size and as copy protection or cd check. A lot of eroge games also use uncompressed file types.

Yeah, for example you made a game, total 750M (compressed)… 1cd can’t contain it, 1 DVD you think it’s not necessary. So fill some null data (dummy) in it.The reason as same as lv2… Dummy cut is to remove these data and check the original size…

So in other word, dummy cut would be same as the original game in term of game play right?

Yes but since part of the real original file has been removed some features are disabled this is most likely common when dealing with updates but the very fact this is a vary rare occasion soo… Depends on what you think for this.

Yes, the only risk with dummy cuts is that something might have been removed which better should be left in place. Usually they work as intended though.
A dummy cut does not, or should not remove features of a game. It’s called “dummy” cut for a reason (and not light version or w/e). There can be problems with updating if the update checks if all original data (including the useless dummy data) is in place, but calling that a removed feature is very misleading.

Any info about tools and tutorials for making a dummy cut? I would like to experiment on some of my favorite hgames (with huge ISOs)

You need exp in understanding the game that you want to do dummycut!
For ex, u can replace more then 70% of the audio in most illusion games and remove almost 3 GB of audio + videos and still the game will work nicely.

Well, in this case we’re not replacing a game file with another file. We’re talking about a title in which the ISO file for the normal one is for example 2.5GB and the DummyCut version is 900MB (like in the last 2 AliceSoft games. a damn lot of dummy)
Basically, those dummies are files that are unneeded to actually run the game. in the DVD, though, those dummy files may be used to check if the DVD in inserted in the drive or not, which is why most DummyCut version of games need to have NoDVD to be run (cuz the DC DVD is not recognized as the game DVD, thus the game won’t start even with the DC DVD mounted).
I heard there are rare cases where DC version refuses to be upgraded, and I think in Eushully games the DC version usually won’t run correctly, though patches to make it run smoothly can be found several days after the game release…
Conclusion: basically you save bandwidth by not downloading unneeded files in the DVD image file. Via: hongfire

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