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Add identity to send email with horde

How to compose a message in Horde mail?
Horde Webmail allows the users to send, receive and organize e-mail messages. This article explains how to create an e-mail message in Horde and explains how to create an identity to select as a From: address.

Step (1). Open Horde Webmail.

Step (2). Click on New Message icon, which is displayed on the top of the page. It will display the “New Message” window.

Step (3). Select the from address from Identity combo. If you want to add new Identity follow the below steps.

Step (3.1). Click on Options icon from Horde mail. It will open “Options for Mail” page.

Horde Mail - Options page

Horde Mail – Options

Step (3.2). Click on Personal Information link under General Options section. It will open Personal Information page.

Horde Mail - Personal Information page

Horde Mail – Personal Information

Step (3.3). Select “Create a new one” entry from

Step (3.4). Provide identity name in Identity’s name: field.

Step (3.5). Provide full name of the identity in Your full name: field.

Step (3.6). Provide from e-mail address in Your From: address: field.

Step (3.7). Once you provide necessary information in other fields, click on Save Options button to save your identity. Identity will be saved and it will be available while creating new message to allow to select this identity as From: address.

Step (4). Provide the To, Cc and Bcc addresses in respective fields.

Step (5). Provide the Subject in Subject field.

Step (6). Provide the mail message in Text field.

Step (7). Once you prepare the message, click on Send Message button.

The message will be delivered to the recipients. Via: codesteps

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